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Sri Ranganatha Perumal Devasthanam has been building a temple for Sri Ranganathar, a 1,000-year-old temple built by Chalukya kings. The moolavar of this temple is five feet high and 18 feet in length and the special feature of this temple is that the Lord appears in 'sudhai vadivam' (not made of stone).

Here, Sri Ranganathar lies in sleeping posture under the five- headed Aadhiseshan. The Lord blesses His devotees with His head resting on a wooden pillow (marakkal thalayanai), His right hand under His crown of hair and His left hand extended over His body. Goddess Lakshmi appears at the feet of the Lord with a lotus in Her hands and Bhooma Devi, with blue water lily in her hands. Opposite the Lord's idol, there is Thumburu Maharishi and Bhakta Anjaneya. There are separate shrines for Ranganayaki Thayar and Andal (south-west and north-west of the sanctum sanctorum).

As soon as one enters the tower gate of the temple, one can see a balipeedam, dwajasthambam and Garuda shrine. The protector of this temple is Lord Nagaraja, who can be seen at the south-east of the temple. It is believed that if one lights a ghee lamp for seven Saturdays continuously, their wishes will be fulfilled. If one is afflicted with Nagadosham, it can be absolved by coming round the deity Nagaraja. Since it is considered to be given by the Devas, the place is also called Devadhanam. The kumbhabhishekam was performed in May 2004. Photos.


The Lord is facing east having the measuring vessel (Padi) as his pillow with his right hand placed over it, reclining on the bed of Aadhi seshan with his five heads as umbrella. The Adhisesha forms a 5.5 feet high 3 layer bed to Him. Legend has it that He is resting after getting tired over giving away the grains in the measuring vessel to feed the world during the harvest season.


7.00AM - 11.00AM
4.30PM - 7.00PM



Via Minjur

From Nungambakkam - 33Kms (Minjur)
Minjur to Devadhanam : 6Kms
(3Kms from Anupampattu railway station)

Via Ponneri

Devadhanam to Thachur cross road (in kolkatta highways) - 16Kms
Anna nagar to Thanchur Cross Road - 18Kms


  • 18 feet long Ranganathar, said to be longer than Srirangam made of Salagrama stones
  • More than 1000 years old temple
  • Called Uthara rangam (North Srirangam)


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